Indian girl Anju’s uncertain return leaves Pakistani boy Nasarullah mentally distressed

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Dir (Pakistan News Online) A Pakistani, who fell in love with an Indian woman named Anju (Islamic name Fatima) across the border and married her after coming to Pakistan, has now changed his intention about her return, while here, in the Dir district, her husband Nasrullah is suffering from severe mental distress.

Journalists Rafatullah and Kazim reported on the social relations website ‘X’ that “Nasrullah, a young man from the Dir district in Pakistan, is currently experiencing severe mental distress.

He says “due to the strained relations between Pakistan and India, their marriage is falling apart. Neither can I go to India nor can she come here. Don’t we have the right to live a happy life?”

Nasrullah said, “Until when will we live in such a state of tension? According to Nasrullah, “I have applied for a visa for Anju to come to Pakistan, but she is not being given a visa in the name of security. In this way, I am also not being given a visa for India. It is better to go to another country because perhaps India and Pakistan do not accept us. I have not committed any sin by getting married that both countries are not willing to accept us.”

According to Nasrullah, he is currently going through severe mental stress and is not sure what to do. Anju had married Nasrullah after coming to Pakistan, but she left after some time. After reaching India, she initially disappeared, but then she appeared in public and even gave an interview. Anju’s arrival in Pakistan in July 2023 made several headlines.

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