Badobadi Song deleted by YouTube over copyright

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By imty4

Lahore (Pakistan News Online) YouTube has deleted the famous song “Badu Baddi” by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan.

According to details, this song by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan was a remake of the popular song “Akh Larh Gayi Baddu Baddi” from the past, which had garnered 28 million views on YouTube.

Not only Pakistani social media users were sharing this viral song on their reels (short videos), but also some Indian actors had made videos on it. However, this viral song “Badu Baddi” has now been deleted from YouTube due to copyright issues.

Several media reports claim that YouTube has deleted Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song “Badu Baddi” illegally for uploading songs without permission on their YouTube channel. It is worth remembering that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan released “Badu Baddi” after several of his other songs last month.

The famous Punjabi song “Akh Larh Gayi Baddu Baddi” is owned by Malka Taranum Noor Jahan, which Chahat Fateh Ali Khan sang and uploaded to YouTube without permission.

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