Badobadi girl Wijdan Rao’s leaked video’s reality revealed

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By imty4

Karachi ( Pakistan News) Badobadi girl Wijdan Rao, who went viral overnight for her expressions in the song “Badobadi,” has clarified the reality behind a Inappropriate leak video circulating online.
Wijdan Rao gave a sharp response to those requesting the link to the alleged leak video. Recently, she uploaded an explanatory video on YouTube, where she openly discussed a picture of hers that has been widely circulating on social media.
In her video, the actress mentioned that she had been laughing at the image for days, pondering how low people could go to bring someone down. She initially intended to stay silent on the matter but was advised by friends to address the propaganda and inform her fans.
Badobadi girl stated that when someone goes viral, they receive both love and hate, and the same happened to her. She wanted to inform her fans that the alleged leak picture is not from any inappropriate video.
She explained that the image is from a shampoo advertisement taken in her own bathroom. Interestingly, she had uploaded the picture herself on her Instagram account.

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