Actor Feroze Khan Confirms Second Marriage

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Lahore (Pakistan News Online) Actor Feroze Khan has confirmed his second marriage by sharing a photo with his new wife on Instagram, captioning it “Welcome to my life.”

Reports indicate that the actor’s bride is named Dua and she has no connection to the showbiz industry.

Previously, videos and photos of their wedding had gone viral, showing Feroze Khan dressed as a groom.

Feroze Khan first married Alizey Sultan in March 2018, who also had no ties to the entertainment industry.

However, Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan’s marriage lasted only four years, and by the end of 2022, they confirmed their divorce.

The former couple has two children, both under the age of five. Since their divorce, they have been involved in a legal battle over child custody and domestic violence issues, with the cases still pending in court.

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