Govt announces new petrol, diesel prices

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By imty4

islamabad (Pakistan News Online) Initially, there was confusion regarding the new prices, but late at night, the Ministry of Finance announced a reduction of PKR 4.74 per liter for petrol and PKR 3.86 per liter for diesel.

Following the reduction, the price of petrol is now PKR 268.36 per liter, and the price of diesel is PKR 270.22 per liter.

State broadcaster PTV had reported that the Prime Minister had instructed the Ministry of Finance to implement a significant reduction of PKR 15.40 per liter for petrol and PKR 7.90 per liter for diesel. However, the post on PTV’s X (formerly Twitter) account was immediately removed after the initial report.

Shortly after, the Prime Minister’s office issued a clarification, stating that the earlier figures were outdated and related to last month’s adjustments. The Ministry of Finance then issued a new notification confirming a minor reduction in prices.

In the deleted tweet, the Prime Minister had mentioned that the current government’s people-friendly policies had led to a significant reduction in inflation and brought about economic stability.

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