80% of men in fashion industry identify as LGBTQ, claims Maria B

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Lahore ( Pakistan News Online ) Renowned fashion designer Maria B has sparked a conversation with her recent claim that 80% of men in Pakistan’s fashion industry identify as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or others).
This statement has gone viral on social media, reigniting a long-standing debate. In a podcast interview, Maria B shared her thoughts on the fashion industry and her reasons for speaking out on this issue.
She expressed frustration with individuals who claim all sexual orientations are permissible in Islam, citing the Quran’s references to the nation of Lut (27 times).
Maria B argued that dismissing this topic as small or unimportant is not acceptable. Notably, Maria B claimed she had remained silent about LGBTQ individuals in the fashion industry until they began publicly claiming Islamic acceptance. She estimates that 80% of men in the industry identify as LGBTQ, a statistic that may surprise many.
This statement has sparked a mix of reactions, from support to criticism. Some appreciate Maria B’s willingness to address a sensitive topic, while others disagree with her approach or dispute her claims.

The conversation highlights the complexities of discussing gender identity and sexual orientation in Pakistan’s cultural context.

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