When will pre-monsoon begin? Meteorological department predicts

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IslamAbad (Pakistan News Online ) Director General ( DG ) of meteorological Department Mehr Sahibzad Khan told that the pre-monsoon Season is expected start in the country from the second week of June, this year.
Monsoon Forecast
Adressing a press conference here, Mr khan told that there will be more rains than usual in monsoon, both provinces of Pakistan, Sindh and Balochistan will be more affected by heavy rains. talking about heat wave in the country, he said that the high pressure of the air in the upper atmosphere and the presence of limited clouds is the cause of the heat wave.
Heatwave Explained
During the briefing, Meher Sahibzad Khan said that our green Areas are decreasing but the number of buildings has increased, climate change is also the main cause of heat wave, from May 21 to 27, the temperature in Punjab may reach 47 to 48 degrees, especially the temperature will increase between 12 noon to 3 pm.

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