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By : Raazia Syed

Making a mistake is a natural part of life. Learning to handle a mistake is gracefully and using it to your advantage is a valuable life skill. A mistake is an error in judgement and action, people often make mistakes accidently due to miscalculation and carelessness.
Making mistakes can be a valuable learning opportunity to improve your skill, knowledge and trust so whenever you make a mistake, try to admit it as soon as possible and apologise if necessary, analysing them, get feedback, find lessons, and make a plan to apply these learnings.
Accepting criticism and correcting your mistakes will definitely bring fruition and improve your confidence. Observing others around you, avoid being over confident, and learning from others experiences will also guide you to improve your personality and prospective towards life.
So the first thing is to believe in yourselves, second avoid arguing and thirdly remain focus on defined objects, lastly don not waste time with narrow minded and negatively charged people. Changing mind-set and thinking out of the box is directly related to groom personality.


The Writer Raazia Syed is known journalist with two decades of experience, sepcializes in crafting engaging essays, blogs, Novels and captivating short stories.

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