“Failed Love with Teacher Leads Young Student to Take Extreme Step”

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Jhelum (Pakistan News Desk) In the bustling city of Jhelum, Pakistan, a typical day at a private college on Civil Line Road took a dramatic turn. The quiet hum of students working in the computer lab was shattered when a former student, masked and visibly distressed, stormed into the room. Clutching a pistol, he made a desperate declaration: ‘he would end his life’.
A video of a young man is rapidly going viral on Twitter, in which he is standing in a corner holding a pistol in his hand and threatening to commit suicide. It appears to be a computer lab or research lab for students. Police officer tries to convince him by talking and successfully grabs the pistol from his hand.
The young man had been grappling with unrequited love for a female teacher at the college. The intensity of his feelings had spiraled into an obsession, and his inability to cope with rejection had pushed him to a breaking point.
In ongoing comments on Twitter, it is being claimed that this incident took place in a private college located on Civil Line Road in Jhelum, where a former student had been caught in a one-sided love affair with his female teacher. He entered the college holding a pistol in hand, then took young girls in the women’s classroom hostage and later started making suicide threats.

As the students and staff were held hostage by fear, the college quickly alerted the local authorities. Immediately after receiving the information, the policemen entered the college and started a conversation with the masked young boy. In the viral video, it can be seen that a policeman convinced boy that no action will be taken against him, As long as he cooperates with us and leaves the pistol. Finally the policeman succeeds in taking the pistol from him.

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