‘Ishq Murshid’ actress dur e fishan and Bilal Abbas Tied the knot secretly? YouTuber Sparks Rumors

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Karachi (Pakistan News Online) A YouTuber Maria Ali claimed that Bilal Abbas and dur e fishan Saleem, the pair of the drama “Ishq Murshid” aired on a private TV channel, have allegedly tied the knot secretly.

According to the information available with Pakistan News, the YouTuber claims that both of them kept their marriage a secret from their fans and public due to their professional careers.
Signs of Hidden Romance?
On the premiere of the last episode of the drama serial “Ishq Murshid”, Bilal Abbas didn’t left dur e fishan alone even for a single moment, the two were holding each other’s hands like a true couple. Earlier both used to come together on the sets of the drama, ate together and spend a lot of time together during drama shooting, added youtuber. The chemistry between the duo in Drama serial has captivated audiences, and their off-screen relationship has sparked curiosity among fans.
The YouTuber has a one-sided claim but the actor duo’s version on this is yet to be known.
On other hand, Recently, dur e fishan Salim also achieved the blessing of Umrah at the same time when Bilal Abbas was also in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, but apparently they showed that both of them had gone to perform Umrah separately.

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