Woman with seven boyfriends to fulfill her needs

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By Sana Kahn

Bogotá (Pakistan News Online) In a surprising and intriguing story making waves on social media, a woman from Colombia has captured the attention of many due to the unique way she manages her expenses—through the support of her seven boyfriends.

According to Aaj News, Lina, from the city of Barranquilla, has become a focal point for social media users as her seven boyfriends strive to fulfill her every desire.

Local media outlet Oddity Central reported that Lina prefers to be in relationships with older men because her previous relationships with younger men did not succeed.

Lina explained that her financial situation compelled her to maintain relationships with multiple boyfriends. She mentioned that after unsuccessful relationships with younger men, she decided to only engage with pensioners.

Lina believes that older men are more inclined to satisfy her needs, realizing at their age that they might not find another woman.

In a viral video, Lina said, “After all my past experiences, I have found that older men tend to fulfill your wishes even before you express them because they understand they might not get another chance with someone else. They always try to keep you happy.”

According to local media, Lina’s boyfriends include Carlos, Simon, Jesus, Pablo, Manuel, and two others. Remarkably, all of them are pensioners and know each other. They also assist Lina with chores such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

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