British Airways Crew Members Suspended for body-Shaming Colleague in WhatsApp Group

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By Sana Kahn

London (Pakistan News Online) Two British Airways cabin group are dealing with the awl for mocking a 15stone colleague approximately her weight in a WhatsApp institution.

The stewardess, who is in her early 20s, was left horrified after she was shown the messages by a friend because she was not in the chat herself.

And furious colleagues urged her to take the messages to their bosses after the woman, from Wiltshire, was left terrified to go back to work.

The pair have now been taken off duty, with flights left short of staff as they stretched cabin crew services while they are off.

They should now be sacked if they’re determined responsible of misconduct.

Now five more of the same WhatsApp group are facing scrutiny from the airline company after their behaviour was exposed.

‘The poor victim of the merciless fat jokes has been left utterly bereft,’ a source told The Sun on Sunday.

‘She had no idea her colleagues had such disdain for her. The cruel comments left her scared to leave the house. She felt victimised. This was repugnant bullying.’

They added that the woman had hired a personal trainer and joined a gym in an effort to lose weight in the run up to the abuse.

This is because airline crews need to be within a height and weight range so they can fit in the seats and reach overhead lockers.

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