Hania Aamir’s pricey T-shirt garners social media attention

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By Sana Kahn

Lahore (Pakistan News Online) Hania Aamir’s choice of attire for a film premiere has taken social media by storm, as videos and photos of her wearing a pricey T-shirt went viral just a day before Eid.

On June 16, Hania Aamir attended the premiere of ” Na Baligh Afraad” in Karachi, Sindh, accompanied by her friend Yashma Gill and other actors.

Instead of opting for traditional attire, Hania Aamir chose a fashionable Western outfit, capturing significant attention online.

 The shared videos and photos show Hania wearing a summer-appropriate T-shirt. The T-shirt, initially launched in 2022, is from a French fashion brand, available through various European brands and clothing stores.

The price of the T-shirt varies across countries, ranging from PKR 10,000 to PKR 18,000. It has been sold worldwide through platforms like Amazon, Paris Fashion Shop, and other online stores.

Many people praised Hania Aamir’s fashion sense, admiring her choice of attire. Her friend Yashma Gill also received accolades for her fashion, wearing a Western-style outfit instead of traditional clothing.

Along with other actors, they attended the premiere of ” Na Baligh Afraad,” a film released during Eid in Pakistan and other countries.

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