Eid al-Adha 2024: Pakistan Sacrifices Over 6.8 Million Animals Valued at 500 Billion Rupees

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By Sana Kahn

Islamabad (Pakistan News Online) In Pakistan, Eid al-Adha saw the sacrifice of over 6.8 million animals worth more than 500 billion Pakistani rupees this year.

According to the Pakistan Tanners Association, during the three days of Eid, 2.9 million cows, 3.3 million goats, and 385,000 sheep were sacrificed across the country.

The Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Tanners Association reported that 98,000 camels were also sacrificed for the occasion, alongside 165,000 water buffaloes.

 The total value of these sacrificial animals exceeded 500 billion rupees, with estimates suggesting that their hides alone are valued at approximately 85 billion rupees.

The association expressed concerns about a potential 40% loss of hides due to severe heat and improper handling caused by climatic changes.

Despite challenges, the livestock industry managed to fulfill 20% more demand compared to previous years, with 20% of hides being offered for industrial use.

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