The journey of a Pakistani taxi driver who now owns a Limousine company

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Dubai (Pakistan News) people leave their native area for bright future, especially Indian, Pakistani and other subcontinental countries to Europe or gulf countries. Some remains worker whole age but fate favours some people and Saleem Iqbal is one of such people, who is now owner of Limousine Company in Dubai.

According to startup Pakistan, Saleem from Lahore, Pakistan came United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2009 and started work as a taxi driver. his aspirations went far beyond that role. After four years, when online taxi service Uber launched in Dubai, Mr. Saleem saw an opportunity and joined a limousine company and finally in 2019, he had accumulated enough funds to start his own driver fleet company.

Khan’s company has 850 drivers across the UAE, and he is in the process of launching a luxury transport company. The Man’s journey is a testament to hard work, smart planning, and the opportunities he availed.

According to Khaleej times Saleem Khan said “I believe there are two key points here: Proper use of money and hard work that can take people to the next level. Leave the rest to God,”

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