The art of saying “No “

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By imty4

By; Raazia Syed
Human relations are always complicated as we cannot predict about their behaviour. Our relations are neither good nor bad, it is our experience about the people which helps to maintain best or bad relationships with others.
Frankly speaking we maintain relationships expect blood relations based upon our needs. We expect many hopes with others but it is not necessary that these promises would be fulfilled.
We have to learn many things to live a happy and contented life, always saying yes boss is not right sometimes we need to learn how to say “No” smartly as saying no is much important for our healthy and strong relationships.
Always understand your limits that your time, energy, health and resources are limited and define, do not commit any assignment that you cannot complete within the limits.
Secondly, self-awareness is the key to success, always analysis your capability and then offer some favour to someone. This clarity of mind will reward you later.
Thirdly , always communicate clearly , for instance if your colleague needs your help to do his work and you also have work burden , you should communicate clearly that you if you not stuck with your work you would be happy to help him in finishing work .
While Saying No to somebody do not react quickly, always think that saying No is your choice your right but in a decent manner as well.
Lastly when you intend to say no to some body for some work you can manage alternates as well for example Your neighbours want to go out of the city for a week and they need your help for watering and taking care their plants in this case you can manage some nursery workers for them who would take care of those plants.
Saying No in decent manner is a skill , we should learn it for better communication and deeper relations .

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