how to increase solar panel efficiency? Expert opinion

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Lahore ( Pakistan News ) The world is moving towards solar energy and the performance of solar panels remains a mystery, but now experts have given some tips by which you can increase your solar panel power.
First of all, Keep in mind that To increase solar panel efficiency, the solar panel must be completely clean, with no smudges or obstructions between the sunlight and the solar panel, thus generating more than 25% of energy.
In general, there is a risk of damage to the panel due to exposure to water and attack by nearby animals or birds, their droppings, due to which its life is also reduced. Keep away from panel as much as possible. Clean panels ensure consistent energy production and minimize or increase solar panel voltage.
Cleaning the panel, using good wires, reputed company products, installation in a suitable location with long exposure to sunlight can increase solar panel amps or ampere.

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