Faisal Qureshi Reveals Approaches from Men for Romantic Relationships

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By imty4

Karachi (Pakistan News) Senior Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi has revealed that some men have approached him to establish romantic relationships.
Faisal Qureshi recently gave an interview to the FHM podcast where he shared his views on homosexuality.
He stated, “I am a Muslim, and in my religion, homosexuality is forbidden. The purpose for which Allah created men and women is significant. The Quran speaks only of two genders.” 
He further elaborated that intersex individuals (children whose gender is not clear at birth) are created by Allah, acknowledging that this is a complex and lengthy discussion.
Qureshi underscored that Islam is a complete code of life and cannot be sidelined. He admitted finding it difficult to understand the normalization of homosexuality. The actor said that he can hug a man like a brother, kiss him on the cheek as a brother, but if the same man sees him differently, he will slap him.
He mentioned receiving such advances both in person and via online platforms, where he received messages from men. Qureshi made it clear that he blocked these individuals, asserting that he is a straight man.
However, the actor did not share the details of the men who developed romantic relationships with him from the showbiz industry or any other field.

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