Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing Launches Gaza Packing Drive

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Lahore (Pakistan News) Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing has initiated a three-day ‘Gaza Packing Drive’ aimed at providing essential relief to the women and children adversely affected by the conflict in Gaza. The drive, which commenced today at Alkhidmat Complex, has drawn participation from women volunteers representing diverse backgrounds, including students from various educational institutions, under the leadership of Kulsoom Fatima Ranjha, President of Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing Pakistan.
Expressing solidarity with the oppressed victims in Gaza, Kulsoom Fatima Ranjha highlighted the dire situation faced by the Palestinian populace, particularly emphasizing the significant toll on women and children. “Amidst the Israeli atrocities and bombings, a staggering 70 percent of the casualties are women and children, with approximately one lakh pregnant women in distress,” remarked Ms. Ranjha. She underscored Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to aiding the afflicted, having already dispatched 2080 tons of relief supplies valued at two and a half billion rupees to Gaza.
The Gaza Packing Drive, organized by Alkhidmat Women’s Wing, focuses on assembling essential supplies tailored to the specific needs of women and children in Gaza, including pregnancy kits, baby kits, and hygiene kits. The initiative seeks to convey the unwavering support of the Pakistani community to their Palestinian counterparts during these trying times.
Ms. Ranjha further noted the overwhelming response from students and volunteers who have enthusiastically registered themselves for the packing of relief goods, a process that will span three days. Syed Waqas Jafari, Secretary General of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, visited the packing drive to commend the compassion and proactive efforts demonstrated by Alkhidmat Women Wing in extending aid to the vulnerable segments in Gaza.
Following the completion of packing, the mother and child protection kits, along with other relief items, will be dispatched to Karachi port for onward shipping to Gaza.

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