Honda CD70 latest Price

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Karachi ( Pakistan News Online) Honda’s iconic motorcycle, the ‘CD 70,’ has been preferred by consumers due to its excellent fuel efficiency. However, during recent times, inflation has pushed its prices sky-high.
According to the details, various car manufacturers are currently offering attractive deals to consumers in the auto industry, while also lowering prices. However, there hasn’t been any fluctuation observed in the price of motorcycles.
Honda’s CD 70 is being sold for 1 lakh 57 thousand 900 rupees, while its second model Honda CD 70 Dream is priced at 1 lakh 68 thousand 900 rupees.
One of the major contributing factors to the enduring popularity of the Honda CD 70 is its excellent fuel economy. The motorcycle delivers an average of 50 to 60 km per liter, which makes it a prime choice for daily commuting. The bike is offered for sale in three traditional colors: Black, Red and Blue.

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