Coke Studio Famous Song ‘Maghron La’ Singers Sabri Sisters belongs to Sabri family?

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Karachi (Pakistan News Online) Recently, after the release of the song “Mughron La” from Coke Studio Season 15, the voices of the Sabri Sisters have been praised not only in Pakistan but also around the world.
As soon as one hears the name of Sabri Sisters, it comes to everyone’s mind that they might be related to the famous Qawal family Sabri Brothers and they will be their relatives, but in fact it is not so.
Recently, the Sabri Sisters gave an interview to the American broadcasting service VOA Urdu, the video clips of which went viral on social media.
Both the singers said that they belong to Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, and the two singers are not even related to each other, nor are they related to the Sabri family of qawali singers.
Inamta Sabri shared that she and Saman Sabri used to sing separately, and mostly they also sang Qawalis or Sufi poetry. However, once they performed a Qawali together on Pakistan Television (PTV), after which they were named the Sabri Sisters.
They said that the host of the PTV program gave them the name Sabri Sisters and advised them to form their own band together and continue under the same name, after which they started singing qawalis together under Sabri Sisters. .
Singer Saman Sabri stated that Sabri is actually a spiritual order, and the shrine of this order is located in India. Anyone can become a disciple of the Sabri order, and they themselves are only associated with the Sabri order. They do not have any blood relation with each other, nor do they belong to the Sabri family known for singing Qawalis.
In the same interview, Saman Sabri said when her song ‘Maghrun Laa’ was released, her husband cried profusely after hearing the song.
According to Saman Sabri, she is married and has a daughter, while her group member Inamta Sabri mentioned that she currently has no immediate plans to marry. However, whenever she does get married, she will play “Mughron La” at her wedding and dance to it with her husband.

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