Air hostess detained in Dubai for attempting suicide

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By Sana Kahn

Dubai (Pakistan News Online) A young Emirates Airlines Hostess, named Tori Towey  has been arrested in Dubai for attempting suicide, prompting an appeal for assistance from her family to the Irish government.

According to reports, the 28-year-old Emirates flight attendant, Tori Towey, was detained on charges of attempting suicide in Dubai.

Tori Towey accused her husband, while revealing her bruises, that she has been victim of domestic violence her husband beated her up nearly to death.

Air hostess revealed that she took extreme step in a state of intoxication due to harassment by her husband.

She was accompanied by her mother in Dubai, and an appeal for assistance has been made to the Irish government and President Simon Harris.

Tori expressed relief at her mother’s presence but expressed uncertainty about the court proceedings.

Tori ‘s mother appealed to the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, and local authorities to ensure her daughter’s safe return home, citing her distressing ordeal.

Meanwhile, support is being provided to Tori and her family by the organization “Detained in Dubai”. CEO Radha Stirling of the organization alleged that the Emirates government is promoting alcohol through public relations, but in reality, is arresting its own people for alcohol consumption.


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