Famous Tik Toker Kanwal Aftab’s surprising revelation about her father

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By Sana Kahn

Lahore (Pakistan News) Kanwal Aftab and her husband, TikToker Zulqarnain Sikandar, uploaded a new vlog on their YouTube channel in which the couple answered questions from their fans.

One of the questions from fans was related to Kanwal Aftab’s father, to which the TikToker responded that she never talks about her father because she gets emotional when mentioning him.

Kanwal Aftab said that the topic of family is very sensitive for everyone, and if there is any tragedy in someone’s family, it is not easy to talk about it. The TikToker said that when she was in third grade, her parents got divorced. Her father left them at her grandmother’s house and never returned.

She added that after separating from her mother, her father did not even pay her school fees, which led to her being expelled from school. Kanwal Aftab said that although her parents could not get along, her mother and uncles never stopped her from meeting her father.

The TikToker further said that she does meet her father, but he does not like to be on social media, which is why he has never appeared in her videos.

It is worth mentioning that in 2021, Kanwal Aftab married fellow TikToker Zulqarnain Sikandar, and in 2022, Kanwal Aftab’s wedding ceremony took place, while last year, they welcomed a baby girl.


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