The actress whose father rejected Salman khan marriage proposal

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By Sana Kahn


Mumba (Pakistan News) Salman khan is one of the succeeded stars of Bollywood, he always remains in headlines to remain unmarried but do you know that once Salman khan sent marriage proposal but the actress father rejected that.

According to details, she was not Aishwarya rai, nor Katrina Kaif but one of the beautiful actresses Juhi Chawla. In an interview with Indian media, Salman Khan revealed that he liked Juhi Chawla, she seemed very innocent to him, but when he asked her father for Juhi’s hand, she refused.

According to Salman Khan, when this was asked from the Indian actress during a show, she said that ‘It was the time of the beginning of her and Salman Khan’s career, I had started my career.’

Juhi Chawla told, at that time Salman Khan was not as popular as he is today, even I did not know Salman khan and Amir khan well, because of which I refused to do a film with them.

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