Kuwait softens law for foreigners including Pakistani workers

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By Sana Kahn

Kuwait City (Pakistan News) Gulf country Kuwait softens law for foreigner workers including Pakistani expats.

According to Daily Pakistan Global, Kuwait’s ‘Public Authority for Manpower’ (PMA) made several amendments in visa and immigration laws, under which any worker in the private sector can now change his job whenever he wants with certain conditions.

These conditions include obtaining approval from the current employer and residing in Kuwait for at least one year while working with the current employer. To change the job, the worker has to pay a transfer fee of 50 dinars (about 45 thousand rupees).

Companies have also been allowed to hire foreign workers without any restrictions, after which foreign workers can now be recruited. The amended laws set the work permit fee for a foreign worker at 150 dinars (about Rs. 1 lakh 38 thousand).

It should also be noted that some families are already settled in Kuwait but there are no reports of new Kuwaiti visas being available for Pakistanis.

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