Know the best days to express love

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By Sana Kahn

Lahore (Pakistan News) Astrologer Syed Ali Zanjani, in a conversation with a local TV channel, revealed the best day for expressing love. He explained that love is controlled by Venus, and Friday is Venus’s day, making it ideal for love declarations.

He added that the Moon also significantly influences love, and its day is Monday. Both Monday and Friday are auspicious for proposing marriage, with a higher likelihood of receiving a positive response. On the other hand, Tuesday and Sunday should be avoided for expressing love.

Ali Zanjani further mentioned that if you want an immediate response, whether positive or negative, Saturday is the best day. Thursday is associated with Jupiter, which leans towards spirituality. Love expressed on this day tends to be pure and long-lasting. Thus, if you intend to choose a life partner, Thursday is an excellent choice.

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