Pakistan Railway Police officer’s quick response saved passenger’s life

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By Sana Kahn

Karachi (Pakistan News Online) Railway Police Officer’s quick response saves passenger’s life at Landhi Railway Station. Later, passenger Suhail shared a video message to thank Pakistan Railways and Police.

During the unexpected stop, a passenger named Suhail got off the train to buy water from a stall. Just as he reached the stall, the train started moving again.

Suhail tried to board the moving train but lost his grip and fell. He was about to get trapped under the train when an on-duty police officer rushed to help.

Railway police constable Mujahid Butt, who was on duty, quickly devised a strategy to prevent the passenger from falling under the train. He pulled Suhail up, saving him from a potentially fatal accident. During the rescue, Suhail’s clothes were torn, and his slipper was left under the train.

However, the police officer successfully saved Suhail’s life. The train was also stopped, and Suhail was safely reboarded.

Later, Suhail released a video message from the train, thanking Pakistan Railways and the police for their prompt assistance.


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