TikTok fame shandar mobile’s owner arrested from jehlum over fraud allegation

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By Sana Kahn

Jehlum (Pakistan News) Punjab police arrested tik toker and owners of Shandar Mobiles, on charges of fraud with a customer.

According to details on local media, after arrest, police produced the culprit in a local court and asked for physical remand which was approved and tik toker handed over to police for four days.

Case stated that Arbaz Butt and Taimoor Butt, owners of Shandar Mobile, sold a defective mobile phone to Syed Ibrar Shah, who found issue after reaching home,

When the customer returned to the shop next day with the defective device and buying receipt to claim refund, the owners reportedly deceived him and took both the phone and receipt, as per FIR.


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The incident also went viral online as Butt brothers have fan following on social media, Butt brothers used to offer Apple and other high-end devices in cheap prices in their videos.

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