Actress Mathira labbled serious allegations against YouTuber Nadir Ali

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By Sana Kahn

Lahore (Pakistan News Online) Pakistani actress and TV host Mathira has leveled serious allegations against YouTuber Nadir Ali, accusing him of asking inappropriate and vulgar questions during a podcast, causing her discomfort and embarrassment.

Details reveal that Mathira recently appeared on Fahad Ansari’s podcast, where she openly discussed various matters. Mathira mentioned that she has previously participated in podcasts hosted by personalities like Tabish Hashmi and Mooroo without any issues, and found their programs entertaining.

However, she stated that she felt unsafe during Nadir Ali’s podcast, where the host posed inappropriate and vulgar questions. Mathira expressed that while she personally respects Nadir Ali and considers him a good person, his behavior on the podcast was different.

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She emphasized that when someone invites a guest to a podcast or a show, they should respect the guest. The actress and model recounted that Nadir Ali behaved strangely and asked questions that made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Mathira further claimed that she believes Nadir Ali has a generally inappropriate attitude towards women and tends to treat almost every female guest similarly, attempting to demean them.

She highlighted that there is a difference between humor and vulgarity, but Nadir Ali’s questions were not for humor or entertainment; they were intended to demean others. She regretted her decision to appear on his show.

It is noteworthy that Mathira participated in Nadir Ali’s podcast in November 2021, which lasted for 16 minutes and has since garnered over 3.1 million views on YouTube.

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