Salim Khan Reveals Reasons Behind Salman Khan’s Decision Not to Marry

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By Sana Kahn

Videos of Bollywood star Salman Khan’s father, writer Salim Khan, explaining his son’s reasons for not marrying have gone viral. The videos, from an interview a few months ago, have recently gained traction on social media in both Pakistan and India.

In one of the viral videos, Salim Khan discusses multiple reasons why his 58-year-old son remains unmarried but admits he can’t defend Salman’s decision not to marry. Smiling, he mentions that his son had relationships with several actresses and was close to them, but for some reason, marriage never happened.

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Salim Khan states that it’s now impossible to use the excuses that Salman’s career isn’t established yet or that he isn’t of marriageable age. He acknowledges that every defense of his son’s decision not to marry is futile and unnecessary, but insists there are reasons, though he doesn’t specify what they are.

In another viral video, Salim Khan suggests a possible reason for Salman’s reluctance to marry: he wants a wife who resembles his mother. Salman desires a partner who can manage the entire household, similar to his mother. Salim Khan explains that Salman might be looking for a woman who, after becoming a mother, can not only take care of the children and their education but also manage the entire household, and perhaps he hasn’t found such a woman yet, which might be why he remains unmarried.

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