Sadia Faisal Declares Women’s Independence a Factor in Rising Divorces

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By Sana Kahn

Lahore (Pakistan News Online) Actress Sadia Faisal believes that the increasing independence of women, their diminished tolerance, and men’s affairs are leading to a rise in divorces.

In a recent interview on the FHM Podcast, a video of Sadia Faisal discussing the causes of rising divorces in the country went viral, where she was heard primarily blaming women for the increasing divorce rates.

When asked about the reasons behind the growing number of divorces, the actress stated that issues arise when women become independent and start earning money. She explained that when women earn, they gain independence, which leads to higher expectations and desires. These desires grow further with more income.

Sadia Faisal subtly linked women’s independence and their earning capability to their mental state deteriorating. She mentioned that there is a significant decrease in tolerance among women, which is not necessarily related to having more money but is a natural trait that now seems lacking in women.

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The actress added that although money itself does not reduce tolerance, having more money and earning it can lead to a sense of superiority. She expressed gratitude that despite earning money, her mindset has not become elevated.

Sadia Faisal emphasized that while work and earning continue, ultimately, family remains the most important for everyone, and thus, everyone should prioritize their family. She noted that every girl generally gets married, and work can be done both before and after marriage. However, it becomes challenging to stay unmarried as the mind gets distracted.

She clearly stated that the decrease in tolerance among girls is a significant reason for the rising divorce rates, adding that men’s affairs also contribute to the issue. The actress mentioned that the lack of tolerance among girls and the affairs of men are separate issues, but both lead to divorces.

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