Disputes occurred in Islamabad and Okara cattle markets over price negotiations

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By Sana Kahn

Islamabad (Pakistan News Online) In Islamabad’s cattle market, a dispute between a trader and a customer escalated when the customer opened fire, injuring two people. Meanwhile, in Okara, two individuals were injured in a brawl over price negotiations.

Details reveal that the incident in Islamabad occurred within the jurisdiction of Thana Nilor, where a disagreement over the price of cattle led to an argument between a trader and a customer. The enraged customer fired shots, injuring two traders. Police have initiated an investigation into the incident.

In a separate incident in Okara’s cattle market, a disagreement over the price of a sacrificial animal led to a physical altercation. The trader and customer began fighting, and other traders joined the fray, using sticks and fists. Two people were injured and were taken to the hospital for medical assistance. Onlookers in the market intervened to break up the fight.

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