Sunny Leone opens up about Mahesh Bhatt movie Jism 2

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By Sana Kahn

Mumbai (Pakistan News) Famous Indian actress and ex adult film star Sunny Leone has revealed that when she met Mahesh Bhatt for the first time in Bigg Boss, she did not know him but he offered the role in Indian film Jism 2.
In an interview, the actress said that Mahesh Bhatt came as a guest in ‘Bigg Boss 5’, about which all the participants of the show were very excited, till that she did not know Mahesh Bhatt.
‘when Mahesh Bhatt offered her the lead role in the film Jism 2, she did not believe it because she did not know anything about the filmmaker. Mahesh Bhatt made her Bollywood debut by casting and she appeared opposite Randeep Hooda in the film’ told actress.
Earlier,The actress had claimed that she was paid more than Bigg Boss 5 for the film, but later admitted that she does not know how much the winner of Indian reality show Big Boss gets.

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