Love Your Profession

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By imty4

By: Raazia Syed

No profession is good or bad but it is our thinking that portrays it as good or bad. A profession gives a person an identity and earnings to fulfill the requirements of his daily use. Different professions are serving the society in one way or the other.
Have you watched a video of a kid on social media in which he says Mom, sweepers on the door? While his mother corrects her by saying that, they are not sweepers but cleaners because they perform the duty of cleanliness.
A mother is a first teacher of kids; we learn many things at our home.
Mr. Aleem is a carpenter and he is happy with his job, although he wanted to become an artist since his childhood, he could not full fill his dream due to poverty but he never complained about his fate. He makes some beautiful toys from leftover woods and presents to their customers as a gift for their children.
Mujeeb is a mason and he has been working in this field for the last ten years he is not happy because his profession is on daily basis and he is not able to build his own house so far.
David is a cleaner, his salary is low but he feels happy that he is playing his role for the betterment of the country. Shama is researcher, she always remains busy in her job, sometimes her coworkers take advantage of her devotion but she is contented with it.
Some people complain about their profession, some are happy, life is complexed and nobody is happy with his life. In any profession a person has to deal with bosses , workers and subordinates of every kind ( I. e good or bad ) , nature of job may be relax and tough , job environment may be suitable or unsuitable etc.
But it is fact that our livelihood and earnings are connected with our profession. We should adopt profession of our choice in accordance with our expertise. We should try to make ourselves expert in our own field because a person who is jack of all trades but master of none can do nothing for the development of the country and society.
A person my switch from one organization to the other for his better future but he should not change his profession or skill again and again such a childish attitude may spoil his career.
Sometimes we cannot understand the divine secrets and cannot observe the blessings in disguise. In short our own profession or skill is our identity and source of earning so we should love our profession and never complain about it.

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