Fiza Ali rejected the proposal for 3rd marriage but why, here is the reason

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Lahore (Pakistan News online) Pakistani model, actress and host fiza ali revealed to reject proposal for third marriage and also told the reason to do so.

According to the details, Fiza Ali’s first marriage was with Fawad Farooq in 2007, with whom she has a daughter Faral but unfortunately after 3 years of marriage, the two got divorced. Later, the host married businessman named Ayaz Malik in 2018, but that too could not last for long.

The actress, 43 said that Some time ago, the boy’s family had agreed that they were ready to adopt the actress’ daughter as well but their condition was that model’s daughter would not meet her real father.

Fiza Ali further stated that ending the meeting between father and daughter was a wrong thing due to which she also rejected this proposal and ended relationship before maturing.

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