Donald trump called Imran khan amid Pak India tension, claims PTI’s Fawad Ch

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Islamabad, Jhelum (Pakistan News) ex minister for science and technology and PTI leader fawad ch claimed that amid Pak India tension during Abhinandan saga, ex US president Donald J Trump called then Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and asked to deescalate the situation.
Fawad ch told while he was talking to aaj news that Donald Trump called Imran Khan on the issue of abhiNandan and asked him to reduce the tension, India started the crisis, but it should not be extended further.
He further said that President Trump did not have the right opinion about Indian Prime Minister, they don’t like the attitude towards them like forced hug and they used to make fun of them.
The former minister said that Narendra Modi lost the opportunity to solve the Pak India problems because Imran Khan wanted to improve relations, by improving relations will benefit both Pakistan and India but India will benefit more, Pakistan wants relations with India on equality basis.
Keep in mind that during Imran Khan’s regime, Pakistan had shot down an Indian aircraft violating its airspace and detained one of its IAF wing commander pilot named Abhinandan, who was later returned to his country as a goodwill gesture.

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