Mamya Shajaffar Reveals Harassment Incident During Drama Shoot

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Lahore (Pakistan News Online) Actress Mamya Shajaffar, known for her bold outfits, has revealed that she faced harassment during a drama shoot early in her career.

 In a recent interview with a magazine, she openly discussed her career and personal life. Mamya shared that her real name is Maham Shahid Khan Jaffar Khan Shewari, which is quite long, so she shortened it to Mamya Shajaffar. She mentioned that before changing her name, she had created an Instagram account under the name Maham, but her ex-boyfriend hacked it. This prompted her to create a new account under her new name.

She revealed that she got married before starting her acting career. At the age of 25, she married her classmate. One day, her mother scolded her about getting married, so she proposed to her classmate boyfriend and asked him to send his mother to formally ask for her hand in marriage. Within 10 days, they were married. They had a simple nikah followed by a ceremony at the tourist spot Fairy Meadows for friends and relatives.

Talking about her career, Mamya mentioned that she was first sent the script for the drama “College Gate” by Shah Nawaz Khagan, who asked her to send an audition clip via mobile phone. The next day, she was selected for the cast. During the shoot of “College Gate,” she received offers for other dramas like “Mesni,” marking the beginning of her showbiz career.

Mamya revealed that she faced harassment during the shoot of a drama when a co-actor repeatedly touched her unnecessarily. In anger, she scolded the actor, who then complained to the producer, accusing her of using foul language. After the incident, Mamya became more cautious and kept her distance from actors, producers, and directors.

She also shared that she was advised to change her Instagram and refrain from posting certain types of photos and videos. Many people told her that she only got work because she wore revealing clothes.

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