Do Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s three wives live together? The senior journalist speaks openly for the first time

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Karachi (Pakistan News Online) For the first time, TV host Iqrar ul Hassan has discussed the relationship between his three wives and said that the donot lives together.

Recently, Iqrar-ul-Hassan openly discussed his three marriages and not living with any of his three wives on a talk show.

He made it clear that he was neither keen on having three marriages nor planning to do so.

According to him, he is not encouraging anyone to have three marriages, nor do they try to make this act great, everyone has their own will and their own compulsions.

According to him, he is neither encouraging anyone to have three marriages, nor is he trying to glorify his actions. Everyone has their own choices and constraints.

He clarified that it was neither his desire nor his target to have exactly three marriages. People do not know the circumstances and reasons behind his three marriages.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan said that he is grateful to God for guiding him to make good decisions regarding his three marriages, and he acted upon it.

During the program, when asked by the host, he mentioned that his first wife, Qurat-ul-Ain, and his third wife, Arusa Khan, live together in the same house, while his second wife, Farah Iqrar, lives separately in a house nearby.

He emphasized that he is not the one who decided to keep his wives in the same house. They live together like a family of their own accord. He does not impose this arrangement; they choose to live together.

He said that, otherwise, there are many examples of people getting married secretly, while many people here and there also cheat and run away from their responsibilities.

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