Faisal Qureshi on Marital Rape: “Forcing a Wife Despite Refusal is Wrong”

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Karachi (Pakistan News online) Senior actor Faisal Qureshi has said that if a wife wants to stay away from her husband due to some of his bad habits and the husband forces himself on his wife in such a situation, it is marital rape
Faisal Qureshi recently participated in a podcast, where he spoke candidly about various topics including his showbiz career and also discussed the Aurat March.
A short video of the actor speaking on the Women’s March and other social issues went viral on social media, in which he was also seen talking about marital rape.
He said that in his opinion, the Aurat March is a good initiative. It was specifically started for those women who have no voice and no support.
Faisal Qureshi said that it is an easy task to sit in air-conditioned rooms and talk big, but Aurat March was started for women and oppressed people whose voices are not heard.
According to him, in society, even biological fathers and brothers are committing atrocities against women, and husbands are throwing acid on their wives and children, burning their bodies over not giving money. The Aurat March was started to raise a voice against such actions.
Talking further on the same issue, he said that if a wife does not allow her husband to come close because of some bad habits and she wants her husband’s habits to be fixed, then what is wrong with that?
According to Faisal Qureshi, forcing oneself on a wife despite her refusal is called marital rape, and if someone raises their voice against it, they are not wrong.

He also clarified that religion says that whenever a man (husband) calls his woman (wife) to him, it is obligatory for the woman to go to him, but there are certain conditions for this as well.

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