Federal government announces thousands of  jobs

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By Sana Kahn

Islamabad (Pakistan News Online) The government has approved the recruitment for over 3,000 vacant positions in federal ministries. The Establishment Division has given the green light to fill 3,190 positions ranging from grade one to 17.

In the Presidential Secretariat, 41 positions from grade 4 to 14 will be filled. Under the Ministry of Defence, 362 vacancies from grade one to 15, including 19 positions in the Defence Division, will be recruited.

Additionally, two junior civilian security officer positions of grade 16 in the Ministry of Defence have also been approved.

The office memorandum states that six vacancies in the Ministry of Health, 17 in the Ministry of Narcotics Control, and 961 positions from grade 5 to 11 in Punjab Rangers will be filled. The Ministry of Defence will also recruit for eight positions of assistant chief administrative officer of grade 17, and the Finance Division will fill eight vacancies of grade one.

Recruitment has been approved for four vacant positions in the Ministry of National Health Services, 11 positions from grade one to 15 under the Cabinet Division, seven grade 14 positions in the Ministry of IT, 1,729 positions under the Revenue Division, and 19 positions across various cadres in the Advocate General ICT.

The Establishment Division has issued separate NOCs for each ministry to proceed with the recruitment.

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